Monday, September 18, 2006

NY Country Cow

Between the Finger lakes of Central New York you will find plenty of cows, barns, and rolling countryside. This cow can can display every state in the USA, by the way.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Welcome to Harter Country!

I greatly admire the work of 19th century American Folk Artists who were mainly concentrated in the Northeast and New England. Often referred to as naive, primitive, and outsider, these artists were almost always self trained. Much of my favorite art from this period represents simple everyday situations and functional objects. Some of these paintings and wood carvings have, most likely, an unintended abstract quality. Figures and animals are out of proportion and anatomically incorrect. Landscapes lack a correct sense of atmospheric perspective. Real life details are interpreted as simple patterns, or are lost altogether and turned into streamlined shapes. All of which what makes folk art so wonderful to me.

Much of my personal inspiration also comes from growing up near the beautiful country side of the Finger Lakes and Adirondack Mountain regions, both located in upstate New York. Most of the area is filled with farmland and forest. Ever since I was a child I have looked forward to the changing seasons and those magical holidays and all the great traditions that come with them. Traditions that revolve around getting together with family and friends, making (and eating) all that great comfort food, and putting up all of our favorite decorations that we've collected over the years. I found out I really missed that more simple way of life, which led me to move back east to Ohio.

That's pretty much the driving force and the story behind the art work that I've created above. These wood carvings and illustrations are things that I've made to put around our house to help us celebrate the seasons and the holidays, and to remind us of the simple things in life.

I hope that this work inspires you. Thank you for stopping by!